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"Rapha" means "to heal", "make healthful." 

Our Ultimate goal is to restore your oral health and provide beautiful smiles.

"After working at a few different dental offices for past 10 years, I found it difficult to treat patients the way I think it's best for them when I work as an associate. So I decided to start my own practice and here I am. I would like to be gentle, affordable, friendly, honest dentist who is really good at what he does. I will always try my best to meet your need, not mine. Please take time and explore this website to find out more about us." 

                                                              - Dr. Huh

Mock In Huh is a top-rated dentist on

Regain Your Confidence With A Healthy and Beautiful Smile! 

Oral hygiene is an important element of our overall wellbeing. The more you ignore a malady of the teeth the worse it is liable to become. Gingivitis, tooth decay, tooth loss, broken, chipped, and yellowed teeth require care and proper treatment. Our dental clinic serves the residents of Cinnaminson and Moorestown, providing general and specialized services for all members of a family. 

Reliable and producing long lasting effects, our services range from cosmetic to pediatric, and our skilled dentist, Dr. Huh, is experienced in intricate procedures like root canals and extraction. Give us a call at (856) 829-8668 and book an appointment with us today to give your teeth the care that they deserve. 

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