Root Canal

“When cavity becomes large enough, they end up getting into the nerve inside the tooth. If that happens, the nerve inside the tooth gets infected and it has to be cleaned out and sealed. And crown will be needed to finish restoring the tooth. The procedure is called Root Canal and explained on the diagram above.

Many patients think that root canal is painful. But it is the infection caused by the cavity that is giving pain. By doing the root canal, patient can save the tooth instead of just taking tooth out and also get patient out of pain. I enjoy doing the Root Canal, it is my favorite procedure and I awarded Outstanding Performance on Pre-Doctor Endodontic Program at UPenn when I graduated. Since then, I have done countless number of Root Canals so far. I will get you numb really well and walk you through the procedure, so you can feel comfortable throughout the entire procedure.”

– Dr. Huh

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